Our Story

Alex’s life was changing. He and his wife, Nikki, were starting to get serious about starting a family. His Friday night plans consisted of more movie nights and less parties by the beach. And his waistline was becoming less manageable every day. His career in alcohol beverage wasn’t helping. Don’t misunderstand, Alex loves beer, wine, spirits, you name it. He didn’t have a problem. He was just going through what some scholars might call a lifestyle adjustment. He wished there was a beverage his soon to be pregnant wife could enjoy during their relaxing hours. He wished there was something he could enjoy at a business event or social gathering that didn’t condemn him to a brutal hangover when his alarm rang the next morning. Wheels started turning.


James was crushing it. He’d achieved career milestones that most people only dream about. He helped build a juggernaut craft brewery, helped sell it, helped evolve a global beverage powerhouse, then came back home to successfully lead a legacy craft brewery through a pandemic. He was basically Lebron James bringing a title back to Cleveland. But what next? Innovation was his passion but there didn’t seem to be a ripe pipeline in craft beer. What could he do that would keep his roots at home with his beautiful family and let him flex his innovation muscle all while keeping off those pounds so painstakingly dropped after a career in beer? Wheels started turning.


Alex and James joined forces in October 2021 to create the first non-alcoholic canned cocktail that actually tastes like the real deal. The Improv Booze-Free Cocktail brand was born in early 2022 and the brand launched in San Diego in June of 2022. Improv is all about the freedom to have fun. Whether you’re not drinking for a day, a month, a year or ever again, Improv strives to keep you socializing, celebrating or relaxing just as you might with an alcoholic beverage. If you’re anything like Alex and James, you might enjoy Improv straight during the week and come Friday spike it with your favorite spirit. The point is we’re not here to judge, we’re here to help. We make the drinks, you call the shots.


Alex and Nikki Brooks & James and Katie Murray at Total Wine & More in Encinitas, CA